About us

The values that drive Cliqued

Challenge: We are a tight knit clique of out of the box, free thinking and thought provoking digital specialists who challenge the status quo and deliver undeniable results to our Australian business partners. We love a challenge and we embrace them all. #WeChallenge

Lead: From inception, it was immediately obvious that we we were here to lead the way and set new benchmarks redefining what a digital growth journey should involve for small business wanting to take on Australia and big businesses wanting to take on the world. #WeLead

Innovate: Innovation is in the Cliqued DNA! We are on a quest to enhance people and culture, systems and processes and business owners who drive Australia forward. Innovation is paramount, and is the driving force behind our ability to challenge lead and adapt in an ever-changing industry. #WeInnovate

Quantify: We know the highest level of comfort and trust, comes by providing quantifiable data and an understanding of the process. We provide clear and precise details on our work, available to you, 24/7 via our customer portal.

Unite: The key to success in life is relationships, and great relationships develop from trust and value, stemmed from one very, simple principle: How we treat each other. It’s the reason we attract and keep the greatest staff and is key to our success.

Empower: We are on a full-time mission to empower Australian businesses. This provides purpose, principle, and is our why. We absolutely love partnering with Australian business owners and building success together.

We always highlight D in Cliqued because there is nothing more important than delivery! We guarantee to only take on businesses, we know we are able to offer exceptional value and delivery to. We are so certain of our ability to deliver, we also guarantee to beat any genuine digital marketing quote in Australia. You can always count on the team at Cliqued Digital to, #Deliver